Thursday, April 22, 2010

My Peeps

It was a pretty exciting day around here, We finally got the chicks...

Nathan absolutely loves them. "go see MY baby chicks?" I heard all day long.
I was pretty surprised with how gentle he was. I still need to catch one for him and put it in his hand or he attempts to pick up up by the head. But once they're in his hand he's so gentle and calm it's pretty great.

Although my favorite part of the day didn't just make me laugh out loud, I was howling it was so funny. On the way to get the chicks we had this conversation...
Mommy: "Do you know where were going?"
Nathan: "get chicks"
Mommy: "that's right baby chicks, do you know what sound a chick makes?"
Nathan "......"
Mommy : " Chicks say peep peep peep"
Nathan: " Mommy, what that sound?"
Mommy: "what sound? peep peep?"
Nathan: "yes, mommy, that a microwave"


~Crystal~ said...

Those baby chicks are soooo sweet! Can I come hold one too?

Microwave! Cute!

jolt said...

You can totally come hold them. but you'd better hurry and get up here. I don't think they stay little and yellow for long. And after that? I don't think you want to hold the full frown beasts.