Sunday, April 18, 2010


It's been an insane few days around here.
Chris is working on getting a class 3 license, in hopes of changing jobs soon.
So instead of having the weekend off, he spent 10 hours Saturday in an air brakes class.

I thought I'd have him all day today to get some more of the weeds done in the back field.


He got a call last night that he would be heading out to Fort Mac this afternoon. No rest for the wicked.
So were busy getting his clothing and everything packed up last night, and the washing machine starts acting funny...why???
Because it has no more water.
The stupid pump in the basement bit the dust.

So this morning like a mad man Chris flew into town, got a new pump and got it installed for me before he left at 2 this afternoon.
Although I was completely annoyed that the pump finally kicked it, and that it caused such a time crunch. I had to admit I was pretty darn happy that it happened last night instead of tonight. - with Chris gone for 3 weeks it would have been fun figuring out who to call, and what to do to get it fixed on my own!

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