Thursday, April 15, 2010

Some days people surprise me

Today, I was determined to get to a camera store in Edmonton. I looked up the address, and checked a map before we left.
I still got lost.
Looking for it on the wrong side of the street.
And as I'm cutting down back alley's trying to get back to where I needed to be. I realized we were in a pretty rough area. The kind where people are picking through dumpsters and stumbling out of the corner liquor store.
So I was already in high alert mode when I started piling the kids out of the car.
I had Nathan strapped into a stroller and was wrestling Greg into the sling when a woman approached me.
And I automatically thought "here we go..."do you have any...""
But she started by asking me how old my baby was.
And I thought "uhhhhuh, she's just trying to get me talking"
I told her Greg was almost 4 months.
And she told me I had beatiful children, and was truely blessed. Then she told me to have a wonderful day, and walked away smiling.
And I stood there kinda stunned.

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