Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Soccer Star

Nathan had his first soccer practice last night.
And to be honest...
it went horribly wrong.

He did fine during the warm ups. When he was told to go for a run with the coach he ran right up and grabbed his hand and went for the run"right with him". He hopped like a bunny when he was told to. And as long as he had the coaches attention he'd do what he was asked.
then the drills started and the parents do them with the kids (remember I'm wearing Greg in his sling for all this). Anyways the drills involved things like kicking the ball around pylons. and most of the other kids would kick it, and it would go somewhere near the next pylon 3 or 4 feet away. But when Nathan kicked the ball it would go half the field. and be nowhere near the pylons he was suppose to be going through. So Nathan and I spent the entire practice running over three different soccer fields. The coach would blow he whistle to bring everyone in and explain the next drill and more than half the time he missed the directions because he was still coming back from 3 fields over.
Totally not the coach's fault. The Head coach did an awesome job, keeping everything moving. and only doing each activity for 5-10 minutes so most of them didn't get bored.
In fact I blame myself for his less than stellar behavior.
He was so excited to be "Playing" with other kids that he could barely contain himself. and he's just not the type of kid to wait in line to take his shot on net. If theres a line up he'll just take his ball and go somewhere else. Really? he hasn't been in enough groups. He's also not used to not being the centre of attention.
So for the next 2 days. Until our next practice on Wednesday night. We will be having a ton of conversations about how when you hear a coaches whistle, you need to run as fast as you can to the coach. See if you can be the first one there.

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