Sunday, April 11, 2010

Mutton Busting

So last Night we went to Bull-A-Rama in Thorhild. And Nathan got his first taste of being a Cowboy...

Dressed in his snazzy new Wrangler shirt we dumped him on a sheep and let that boy ride. He's on his way to becoming a a professional Mutton Buster.

He loved every minute of our night. He sat in the stands screaming "go Cowboy" after every ride. At one point he slipped away from his Dad and made it to the arena floor. He slid right under the bars, and his Daddy had to haul him out quick. I think he figured if he could make it into the bull pen they'd let him ride.

By the time the sheep riding (finally started-it was awfully late for little kids) he figured he knew exactly what to do. and was ready to go!!!!

And as soon as he finished his ride. He was asking to go again.

So Proud of my little Cowboy!

(still trying to upload the super cute video, but blogger isn't liking the format or something at the moment)

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