Friday, July 18, 2008

Another day of cleaning and hail storms

Not much new and exciting today- we had another Hail Storm roll through about 6 o'clock.
This time I was already outside (about to do my doggy patrol- another joy of showing the house~ I get to do doggy patrol once or twice a day) and could hear the thunder in the distance and the black clouds in the North. So I managed to get the dogs into the garage before I had to run out looking like an idiot trying to duck the hail.
I also spent at least 2 hours on our files looking for the tax assessment. It really sucked. And I couldn't find this years- no matter where I looked it's been misfiled somewhere.
We have a showing first thing tomorrow morning. So after Nater went down, I spent the rest of the evening vacuuming, and tidying the kitchen. I so hope we get an offer soon. and I can stop living in a "SHOW HOME"

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