Tuesday, July 8, 2008

and for things not about hair...

I dropped the Nater of with Grandpa Zoom last night- that was a lot of driving, but I guess worth it for a few free days (thus why I was able to focus on my hair so much)

Then this afternoon I touched up all the brown paint in the bathroom...the tape I masked off the ceiling with didn't keep out all of the white paint so there was basically jagged white lines on my brown paint- that plus spatter it was looking pretty rough. So it was another afternoon of balancing on the bathtub with a paint can in hand.

this pic isn't great for the color but I think the lines of the ceiling vs. the wall look much better.

I'm also really impressed with this tile grout re-whitener...this is 2 coats in the shower, and some lines ma end up needing 3 just to make sure they are as white as the rest...but I still think it came out really well...

from here, I have to do a massive clean, including all the cupboards and all the bathroom "products" need to be wiped down and washed...then its just rehanging all the shower curtain stuff and putting in my new towels...I think it should look pretty good!!!

Also I won't say to much about my bleach adventure tonight...other than small flies obviously hatched in the dog pen...and I went out there and laid down 2 whole bottles of liquid death...not that the pen didn't need cleaning anyways...but I also decided with the dogs shedding and being dirty there was no way they were coming into the house and their kennel tonight. So I had quite the little adventure (and a few words I was glad Nater wasn't here to hear) getting the stupid, heavy cage up the stairs, collapsed and out to the garage for the night.

Now I'm contemplating going to bed and getting an early start tomorrow or trying to get out bedroom or the living room finished...both should be relatively simple jobs, but I'm so tired after getting home so late last night, that I'm really not sure I'll be effective tonight anyways...

hmmmm I think I'll find a snack and decide after that.

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