Friday, July 25, 2008


I was pretty sad about this guy tonight. He's been sitting on the wooden shelf that divides the kitchen from the living room since we moved in. And I've had him for years before that, I bought him because he reminded me of a figurine that my great grandmother had in her kitchen for all the years I can remember...but it turns out Nathan's highchair is slightly to close to the shelves, and when I lifted him up to put him in the chair tonight he lunged for this guy. and the results...
Other than that, Nathan makes me think I'm raising a child that's part monkey sometimes. As I was cooking dinner tonight I watched him put his feet on the bottom of the high chair- chair part and pull himself up into the seat. Then he turned around and sat in the chair like he's suppose to. Apparently he wanted dinner right then and there. When he realized he wasn't getting it, he turned back around and climbed down. I really don't think he should be able to do these sorts of things yet? should he?

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