Thursday, July 3, 2008


I've decided I'm in love with Pink Peonies... Which according to "gardening life" -June 2008. pg.11 are "Pleasingly plump ~ Few flowers are as sensual as peonies with their satiny petals, comely forms, pure colors and alluring scent (particularly the double whites and pinks). They're even edible. Long-lived in the garden, they make long-lasting bouquets, especially loosely placed in a wide mouthed container so their plush blooms aren't squashed. Pick peonies in the soft bud stage- they should feel like marshmallows. Leave at least three leaves per stem on the plant and don't pick more than half of the blooms from any one bush. Re cut the stems under warm water and remove the lower leaves before arranging. The flowers should open within a day and last foe 10 if kept cool with regular water changes.
tip: Before bringing peonies into the house, give them a good shake, and swish the flowers in a pail of water to dislodge any ants. The ants do no harm; they are simply after the nectar secreted by the peony buds.

I'm already thinking they would look amazing around the porch or fence of my dream house...which by the way has dropped another 20 grand in price- I'm so excited!!!

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