Thursday, July 17, 2008

Shopping Day

Nathan and I got kicked out of the house twice today for open houses.

So to kill some time we went to Crappy Tire.


and Sobeys

I fell in love with a Buddha head sculpture at Crappy Tire... It was reduced from the original 24.99 to 12.50 so it was already 50% off

but I came home without buying it to dig through all the drawers for any Canadian Tire Money that was lying around...That stuff seems to appear everywhere. There was some in my receipt drawer, some in Chris' change tin, some with the kids stuff and some in the garage.

After scraping together this stash I went back and bought it... in "real money" it only ended up costing my $2.91, when all was said and done. I think it's a pretty cool piece especially for less than 3 dollars.

I couldn't decide where to put him, so he's living beside the half dead plant (I really need to find the time to trim it back and water it soon) in the carport- Hopefully he'll find a cool permanent home at the new place.

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