Sunday, February 22, 2009

The Acreage Search Begins

We met with a Realtor this afternoon and got to see 2 our acreage hunt had officially started!!!! YAYThe first on was at the high end of our range, and had so many out building that were a little scared the maintenance required will be too much for us. But at the same time, it's a property that has the potential to grow with us instead of being out grown! ~ We need to do some serious thinking about what the purpose of an acreage is for us, and whether we want to create some extra income by allowing storage on the land or renting out whole buildings or if this is just a family place????questions, questions and a little soul searching.

~this was however Nathan's favorite- mostly because it had a kitty, that wanted to play with him! The kitten (again it was young, like the kitty from a few days ago) allowed Nathan to follow her around, and he was petting it nicely. I ducked into check out the barn and when I came out Nathan had decided to "cuddle" the cat. He had picked up kitty and had the poor thing upside down by the hips. He wasn't hurting it, obviously, because the cat let him pick her up another 4 or 5 times and would just go limp in his arms no matter what angle he picked her up. It was pretty funny to watch because the kitten was obviously quite an armful for him. I wish I'd had my camera but it was in the van at the time! Darn

The second property is actually considered by the county to be a dog kennel, which we thought may or may not be an interesting source of income too, if we're willing to do the work.
But as soon as we walked through the house I knew it was the wrong place for us. There was nothing really wrong other than having a small kitchen...but you know when a layout of a house feels funny, and you have such a hard time imagining your stuff in there that you just know a place could never be home???

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~Crystal~ said...

When you find the right place you will know it. :)