Sunday, February 8, 2009

New Jeans

Well, I don't feel quite as bad about myself as I thought I would!

Which is great thing!

As I mentioned in a previous post I've had 2 of my favorite jeans DIE on me in the last month...and this has left me with few options other than to go shopping*sigh*

I wasn't particularly looking forward to it.

To be honest I haven't bought a pair of jeans since I had Nathan, and I knew my hips had widened a bit.

Turns out I can still fit into the size I was ;)

in fact the bigger size looked goofy on me!!!

I was trying on the larger size thinking they felt a little more comfortable at the waist. But...I don't know how much sympathy I'll get for this but everything is to big in the thighs.

It's actually really frustrating to have a much bigger waist and slim thighs, because all the jeans have extra material bagging out right under my hips down to my knees and looks really silly.

More to the point... Nathan was totally cool in the dressing room (Chris is of course at work so I had no choice but to take Nathan)

He was actually really funny, I walked into the change room took off my boots- Nathan looked at me for a sec and then took off his boots too! I striped off my jeans and had to reassure him that he could keep his clothes on.

He busied himself with the small stool in there climbing up to read the signs on the wall.

And then got bored and found my wallet,

he sat taking out all the change and putting it back- I guess trying to decide if Mommy could afford New Clothes:)

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