Tuesday, February 17, 2009

the project update

Last night I managed to get all the file boxes sorted out into categories (which scrapbook the pics or articles were going into) and but each pile in an envelope so that I wouldn't have to resort once Nathan got up!!!
And this Afternoon, I ripped the magazines apart, while he played and sometimes came over to look at pictures with me.
But the whole pile of magazines is ready for the recycle bin which feels good.
Once Nathan went down for a nap, I slipped out to Walmart (Daddy was home, napping too!)
I managed to (with a lot of effort) find another scrapbook similar to the ones I already have...
It only has 20 pages with didn't thrill me

But it at least had the post bindings that I really like because then I can at least add pages if I have too.

but It is also only 10 x10 significantly smaller than the others I have as you can see in the picture...and 10 inches isn't going to fit any full page out of a magazine...which really irritated me. But it was a pain in the butt to ind this in the first place. All of the store have switched over to only carrying "scrapbooks" that are filled with those sheet protector pages, and I had a really hard time finding anything that had paper in it.
oh...and just to irritate me more...Walmart no longer carries rubber cement...which is the type of glue I have always used, and its way more expensive ~ to the tune of like 2 dollars more a jar at Michael's...blah

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