Thursday, February 19, 2009

A day of wonderful surprises

Well, before I say anything about what a great day I had today...I have to tell you after last night, I needed it to be an extra special day!


last night I came awfully close to burning the house down!!!

no exaggeration

I was watching Mantracker (surprise) and decided I was hungry and would make something to eat before I headed for I put a pot of water on the stove to boil to make some mac and cheese.

then I sat back down and watched the last 15 minutes of the show. Upon which, I decided I still had a little bit of energy and would go back upstairs to take a look at the office.

An hour later...

I'm about to go back downstairs to make sure all the lights and stuff are off, and I start to think..."there's a really funny smell in the house". It smelled like some one was cooking ham over wood...a very distinct woody smell, mixed with something really sweet.

Wanna know why?

when I got downstairs and the smell was getting suddenly struck me...oh god the water!!!

not only was the water gone, and the pot scorched...but the pot was sitting almost right against the wood panel beside the stove...and it was getting hot enough that it was scorching the wood and the varnish on the wood was smoking!!!

Everything turned out fine in the end (although I did place a very panicked phone call to Chris- who came home from work to make sure I hadn't burned down the house)

but I managed to turn off the burner, spray some water on the wall, cool down the stove top and get the windows open and the fan going.

So now, other than being out a pot, and I'll probably have to sand down the wood and try to match the stain...everything ended all right.


I guess that's part of the reason all the little things that happened today, seemed so nice and extra ordinary!!

I took Nathan out to the dollar store this afternoon, and as I was leaned across the backseat buckling him in I saw movement on the floor.

I guess a neighbors kitten had somewhere he needed to go, because he hopped up in the van with us to go for a ride.

It was such a beautiful little kitten~ probably about 6 months, I was very tempted to take him with us and claim to Chris he had followed us home

you know

"he followed me home, can I keep him?"

instead I scooped him off the floor ad petted him, and showed him to Nathan...."look a kitty"



"kitty"says a little voice while hands flail trying to grab for the kitten.

that lasted about 3 kitties before the little kitten decided that maybe this wasn't such a great plan!

But I just thought the whole thing was really cool, that this kitten had decided to jump into the van, to say hello, or go for a ride whatever!

We headed to the dollar store after that, and I literally paid a dollar for these little imitation crocs for Nathan- Not a cool as a Kitty...but I've got him convinced they are cool shoes he wore them for about an hour around the house before bed- and of course Mommy is thrilled whenever you can get kids clothing cheap!!!

but the coolest surprise of my day was waiting when we go home...

this is what I got in the mail this afternoon...

a beautiful photo card- which is stitched around the edges in red thread, I don't think you can see the thread in the pic. and this amazing wall hanging Angel image...

Both my words and my picture can not do it is absolutely gorgeous and delicate looking up close...

they were from Nancy at all pulped out, she is an amazing photographer and mixed media artist...and I was just floored that she had sent something so breathtaking! She asked for my address about a week ago saying she wanted to send a handmade card and something special...but I never dreamed it would be something this special!!! Thank you Nancy!!!

wow this is a long post- I guess I had a lot to say...but I also really needed to share some of my little "blessing" today~


Anne said...

Wow! What a story! Glad to hear you didn't burn down the house and that all is well! ~Whew!~ That would have been scary! :-)

nancy said...

i'm so glad it arrived and my art as found a good home
cheers, nancy