Sunday, February 22, 2009

Super Grandpa wins again!

So my Dad has been in love with Fiero's forever, or since they first came out. He's owned 4 now, I think (the first one was my fault but that's another story) and he "upgrades" a little each time he buys one. He's latest baby is an "official Indy Pace car Fiero"
He belongs to his local chapter of the Fiero club, and this year 6 of the guys decided to but their cars in the World of Wheels show.
Dad's car is the one on the right- the pace car that was released to the public (2000 cars were sold as official Indy pace cars I believe) and the one on the left has been modified to look like the actual car the ran the Indy track- I was able to pick up the differences between the 2- like the white stripe down the side and the air intake over the roof, while I was on the phone tonight with Dad, he was impressed!
Dad- Proud of his Baby
The guys in the club built the whole "display" the fence posts with the "wire" (which is actually spray painted rope), the road, the astro turf grass and the best part is the yellow duct tape centre line on the road.~ the spent quite a few weekends finding the supplies and building the props for their display. I think it came out well!
And~ Tah Dah!!! The award!
although he says that he had no expectations going into the show, he was awarded
"Outstanding in Class"
which is basically second place in his category
pretty good consider his class was for 2 seater sports cars, and included corvettes and prowlers. But the judges are looking for the condition of the car, not the type of car



~Crystal~ said...

World of Wheels come here also. I used to go as a kid. I love old cars. My all time favorite is the '57 Chevy.
We also have a local monthly car show in the warmer months, that meets in the Walmart parking lot. Love going to it.

Leslie said...

Good Job Uncle Bob!! Wahoo!!