Tuesday, February 17, 2009

The project

So this is what I'm up against4 scrapbooks of my life (left)
4 (and probably more) scrapbooks of Inspiration (centre)
3 file boxes of Papers that need to be glued into these scrapbooks (upper centre)
and the pile of Magazines I've been crating around because they have something interesting in them (right)
The pile of Magazines - that need to be dismantled

The 4 inspiration books

One of the Grey scrapbooks is a Shoe inspiration book

another grey scrapbook is a fashion collection

one is all shoe related articles

and the last has exceptionally cool purse pics
(of course I also have a ton of cool architecture, and home decor pics that have to go somewhere so I'm thinking I may have at least one more of these little books by the end)

There are 3 "LIFE" scrapbooks that need to be updated, and I need to buy a new one for the this chapter in my life.

Some shots of the state of of the "life" scrapbooks - tickets and memorabilia from events

Articles of interest, and drawings and musings in my life


And the book from my NY trip- I still have to photocopy my journal pages to add to all this- oh and put it back together
and this scrapbook is my oldest started at about 16 and going all the way through college...there are so many pages it was no long staying together, so there's stuff to add and some repair work to do

and all the stuff that has to go somewhere in these pages...

so this is the first "project" to come out of the office~ not that I'm done the office, but I thought that if I don't have to find places for the boxes of papers and the magazines, I'll be reducing the clutter and need for space!~wish me luck:)

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