Saturday, February 14, 2009

back in the groove...

I don't know if you've noticed my lack of post within the last 2 weeks or so, but if you have I'm ready to explain myself...
1) With the One Heart One World Contest, I was trying to leave that post front and centre during the contest- so although I may have written a few things they were saved as drafts and are being randomly published now
#2) this is a BIGGIE...

Tah Dah---My living room...
I mentioned that we went down to Calgary 2 weeks ago and finally go everything left in storage and brought it up here? Well, this is what happened to a good percentage of it! I insisted that all the boxes be stacked in my living room, so I could find the items I was missing (weird things like no noodle strainers) and as well...I thought if this stuff has been packed and missing for 6 months can it really be all that important???

Anyways, I sorted boxes by rooms (I was smart enough to label them all) and had most of them done by the time Chris was off this last week. But since I'm scared of our stairs to the basement (no railing) and with my knee bugging me I left them all for him to move...
It took quite a bit of his "time off" but we finally have a living room again.

and in the end count ( and by bag, I mean big green garbage bags)
4 bags of garbage
6 bags to charity
2 boxes to game store (over $500 in credit for those boxes by the way)
and 2 computers
all went out the door!!

I'm still in the process of sorting out the office- which is mostly my art stuff to blame for the clutter and boxes in there, so I'm not dreading that as much!
In fact when I went through the first box tonight I found a ton of my scrap books and some of my college and class works, so I may be posting some of that soon!- like I said I'm back in the groove and chopping on the bit to share some new things in some upcoming posts !


Diane said...

What a project! Congrats on getting through it . . . divesting yourself of things you don't really need is a wonderful feeling!

Sarah said...

Wow - I'm exausted just reading ll you did!! Great job girl!!!! Feels so good when your done!!! Thnks for posting on my blog hon!!! Sarah