Monday, February 23, 2009

I found it!!!

3 Bedroom
1 and 1/2 story
2 bath
close to 1800 square feet
get this
29 acres (yikes)
I think I'm in love
seriously I think, I hope, I pray we've found HOME!!!!


~Crystal~ said...

Oh wow! I love it! The stone work is awesome. What a place to be able to raise your family.

jolt said...

I sure hope so!
you were right about as soon as you find a place you just know!
and lots of room to raise "yard apes"

Sarah said...

Wow - I love it!!! Did you mean 1800 square feet??? Love a big ranch!!!!

jolt said...

ha ha...yeah 1800 is a little more realistic hey? to bad spell check doesn't check for stupid!!!

Leslie said...

I just love it. Where is it?

by the way.... we need to meet and I lost your phone number. call me soon.