Tuesday, February 24, 2009

keep your fingers crossed

I'm so excited about the place we found.

I've spent half the day on the net searching out the town, and the surrounding towns. As well as all the stupid stuff like utilities and Internet and garbage disposal. As well as checking the pricing of everything else in the area to make sure we're not out to lunch on the actual value of the property (so far it seems like an awesome deal- which is either awesome news for us or makes you worry that somethings wrong with the place)

I've talked to both sets of parents and made a list of questions that we need to give the realtor. Since we've never dealt with septic tanks or well water...so we've been asking all sorts of questions to try and get an idea of what we need to know.

I can't believe how excited I am about this place. I keep trying to keep calm and not get to excited until we actually make an offer, and then of course it still has to be accepted before I can start planning out the furniture placement and all the really fun stuff~ ahhh the fact I'm already talking furniture placement has got to tell you how much I have my heart set on this place!!! LOL

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