Friday, February 27, 2009

The acreage sega

So since this is kind of a long story I thought I'd intersperse it with a few pics...

This is my favorite part of the house...there is about a 3 foot balcony over the stairs that you can access from the master bedroom- I can totally see me decorating this space seasonally

So the story goes...On Wednesday morning we had called the realtor to ask more questions about the septic tank and water pumps and things. That evening we got a call back telling us that the realtor knew there was another offer coming in from another agency, and if we were serious about the place we would have to move quickly and put together an offer.

This is the bigger of the two kids bedrooms- it is bigger but with the pink walls I'm thinking that Nathan will want the other room

I was really upset by the Wednesday night call, wondering if this was a bad sales tactic. Chris (after about 8 phone calls back and forth, even though he was at work at the time) made a verbal offer and agreed to meet the realtor the next day to write it up.I wasn't happy about writing an offer under pressure, so I insisted we go back to the property first and take another look- that's why I have all the pictures.

This is the smaller of the two bedroom, but it's already painted blue and is the room with a closet so I think this will be Nathan's bedroom at first.

So we looked around the property and made sure we were still in love with it! And heard the rest of the story from the Realtor- saying his boss who is listing the property got a call that another agency wanted to present an offer late Wednesday night. But since it was late the owner didn't want to discuss the offer until after work the next day. Our realtor realized that if we actually were serious about the property our offer would have to be presented at the same time, giving us less than 24 hours!

This is the Master_ I'm so excited that there is actually enough room for an actual bedroom set- our bedroom in Lethbridge was squished for space when we had all our furniture in it!

So we decided that it was definitely the property for us~ and we wrote our offer! It was a had few hours waiting to hear back...

But in the end

they accepted our offer as it was written

so assuming that all the conditions can be met we will be the EXCITED owners soon!!!!


Sarah said...

Whooo hoo yayayyay!! Congrats!! I adore slanted ceilings like that!!!
I would be thinking the same thing about tht little space above the stairs!!! Sarah

Leslie said...

Congratulations guys. Can't wait to see it in person. Call me!!!

Leslie said...

Sorry Jo,
I haven't figured out how to reply properly, so this comment is in response to the one you left on my blog. Yes...let's get together next week. The only day I am busy is Thursday but the rest is good. How about Tuesday or Wednesday? email me at