Friday, January 16, 2009

And now my life can go back to order...

Chris just left to go back to work less than an hour ago.
And it's great having him home for the 3 days in a row, but he just manages to cause havoc all over the house...and I do feel guilty but I breath a sigh of relief when he finally goes back to work, because it means I can get the house back in order and be able to keep it that way with out him messing it up again within minutes.
It just seems like everywhere I look he's left some sort of cooking mess on the top of the stove, from hash browns or something this morning, there's empty pop bottles everywhere, there's plastic bags crammed in between things on the counters. I load the dishwasher while he's home and before it's even finished the load it feels like he's managed to create another sink full of dishes...I seriously don't know how you manage this feat?!?!? How is it possible to use more dishes in one day than I can use in an entire week?
like I said I love having him home, but I so breathe a sigh when he goes back to work and I can whip the house back into some order and only have to worry about the messes Nathan and I make (oh and the dog when she's in a mood- or something smells really good in the garbage I suppose)

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