Friday, January 2, 2009

Grandpa Zoom comes to visit, Nathan gets spoiled, and Mommy gets to hold New Baby Malcom

BRRRRRRR....It's Cold!!!
It was - 28

and with the Windchill


But like a trooper, Grandpa Zoom and Grandma Barb, came through the snow anyways.

Of course Nathan was thrilled to see them, he always lights up as soon as he see's Grandpa, who's his best buddy. And of course they came through the door with arm loads of presents (we didn't get to see them for Christmas, so they came prepared with stuff from them and Uncle Brian) Nathan first had to show off Thomas the train, and his shiny new collection of hotwheels cars to Grandpa. But they were almost as excited as he was to open his presents. So pretty quickly my living room floor was again covered in wrapping paper.

Uncle Brian went wild again, with some of the coolest gifts ever.

Nathan got a little Home Depot Welder set complete with gloves, face shield, flint spark er thingy and welding torch- which is soooo cool because it lights up and vibrates. He's runs around the house pressing it up to everything- the stove, the window, the wall- I think because it make different noises on each surface. I think Uncle Brian has decided to start training his apprentice as early as possible!?!?

And then just in case that was enough, he gave Nathan the coolest Dump truck and Digger (or excavator) set that I've ever seen. There remote controlled, and about the size of the big old metal Tonka trucks everyone used to have.The truck goes forward and back with a simple joy stick maneuver, and then it will turn (or it suppose too- but may have to go back to the store). And actual raises the back of the truck and dumps it's load with the third control.
Nathans kind of getting the hang of it, although we have to tell him constantly to use the controls instead of just dragging it like it's on a leash. (I'm worried he'll break all the wiring)
but he seems to have the hang of it going in one direction- forward or back. ANd that's got to be pretty good considering it's a 3 plus toy.
We all went out for dinner at Apple Bees and then finally got ahold of my cousin Leslie, so we made plans to go over to Leslie and Jason's after dinner to Meet New Baby Malcolm. He was born December 19th- and is 2 weeks old- I sooooo miss holding a little little baby.

I don't think this is the best picture ever taken of any of us- Chris being the worst of the bunch...I keep trying to convince him to get his haircut, but his long work hours make it hard to find time- although the one pic is pretty cute obviously Nathan and Grandpa are busy hamming it up.

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