Monday, January 5, 2009

Play time was a bust

I drove all the way across town to take Nathan to the Millwoods indoor playground- it's such a massive room, with so many different toys and slides and stuff it's become my favorite place to take him. And usually there's only about 5 or less other kids which keep the noise level at a dull roar.

But today was kind of a bust.

we showed up and there was 2 other mom's with a toddler and a baby each...but they left about 10 minutes after we got there, so it was just us...

after an hour and half I gave up. Although there's lots of toys and stuff to do, most of the point of taking him there is to socialize him and let him hang out with other kids. I feel so bad that he's not getting enough interaction with other kids right now, you can tell he's desperate to play with someone his own size every time I take him to any store he immediately lets go of my hand and bee lines for other kids as soon as he spots them.

But one of our programs starts on Wednesday-

we're going to one Monday morning and a second on Wednesday mornings from now until March so hopefully that will help a bit.

And... on the positive note- Our Playtime did in fact accomplish another goal- which is to wear him out!!! He fell asleep in the last few minutes of our drive home and is happily snoring away up in his room. Which means my whole house is asleep at the moment, and I have a few minutes peace to sort out the mess of blog drafts I've started but haven't managed to publish in the last few days.!!! YAY

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