Thursday, January 8, 2009


That's the other thing that was new around here.... I made 2 cakes last night.

Not that impressive, since they were just out of a box.

but I made a heart shaped one for Chris, I wrote "I love you, I miss U" on it with those little get icing scribblers. The drew hearts and swirl designs.
with the rest of the batter, I just made a round cake and then free handed Elmo as best as I could on top. The general shape of Elmo's head wasn't too bad, but without enough red gel in the scribbler to completely fill him in, I thought he might be unrecognizable.
But first thing this morning I showed the cake to Nathan, and asked him who was on the Cake?
He told me "Elmo" without missing a beat.
Now I wish I'd taken some pictures before we cut it up.

Nathan was pretty funny with the cake too.
He really wanted some
I told him he had to stay at the table.
When he finished he came out into the living room... "more please"
"No, Nathan all done"
"all done"
so he brought me his empty plate and demanded again "more please"

It was cute and pretty good talking for him, but he still didn't get any more till after dinner.

One of my goals this year is to try and make a fondant cake.
I bought all the "supplies" and a book on it awhile ago, but I've yet to try to make one.
I'll make sure to get some pics before anyone cuts that one. especially since they sound quite intricate and time consuming to make!

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