Tuesday, January 6, 2009


I can't believe how tired I am, Nathan is constantly into everything, he dumped the dog food all over the kitchen again tonight, and all his blocks down the stairs, and always pulling stuff off the counters. Between him and a dog that refuses to listen to me, I feel like I'm constantly running to keep someone out of something. And cleaning up something.

I guess I kind of have the right to be tired at least today.

I did manage to accomplish at least a few things on my list.

I got the grocery shopping done. (thankfully without any help, Chris and Nathan both napped in the truck while I did it) As well, it was 10% Tuesday and I bought a ton of stuff on sale and saved almost 30 dollars. and since I had a fifty dollar gift certificate that Chris' work gave him as a Christmas bonus- so nearly 120 dollars worth of groceries only cost me about 38 dollars.

I got Chris to the mall, and finally got him the haircut that he so desperately needed.

and I got the sexiest boots- just by accident while we were at the mall.

but since we got home, I can't leave Nathan alone for even a few seconds. He booted it up the stairs while I was on the phone...went straight into the tap. The scary part, is by standing on the toilet, which is on the side of the sink by the hot water tap.

So now I'm thinking I have to buy a new door handle, or at least flip it around so it's harder to get into the bathroom on his own.

Hopefully- we'll get some more energy burnt off, and make Nathan feel like he's been hanging out with friends by tomorrow.

Our Wednesday morning class starts tomorrow, and hopefully he enjoys himself and is able to function well in a group of other kids and parents...and cross our fingers through out the course of the class, Mommy will meet some other Mom's to hang out with.

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