Friday, January 16, 2009


I'm so spoiled!
Chris was thinking about buying me a Cuttlebug for Christmas, but he wanted me to take a look at it first. We we're out shopping today and he pointed it out...when I got excited about it, it came home with us! NICE.

It comes with a bunch of cutting plates to provide the pressure to either emboss, or do die cutting.

But why I'm really excited about it is I think it will also work as a printing press, like one that I've been wanting since college. It was the same rollers and therefore basic mechanics as what we used in my course, it's just much smaller. I don't think any of my old etching plates will fit, but buying new sheets of plastic and doing some drypoint etching shouldn't be soon as I can get the plastic, I'm going to cut them down and give it a try...the machine won't produce anything much bigger than a greeting card size, but Hey, it's a start...and like I said I've been wanting something similar since I left college. so I'm super excited to see if this works. And in the mean time, I think I might go out and get some of the embossing plates and use the machine as it was intended, since that looks kinda cool too!

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