Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Daddy came to our playtime class

Daddy was home for our playtime class today, so he got to come see what it was all about.
I still think this class on Wednesday's is much better, or at least better suited to Nathan's attention than our class on Monday's
Not only is there more space to run around in (and does Nathan ever run the whole time) there is also the 1/2 hour of playtime at the start, which seems to burn him out enough to have the attention to sit and at least listen to the songs in circle time. And then Carol-his teacher has all of the craft already ready to go. So she pored the paint and handed out all these black pieces of paper with the snowflake stencil already taped down and a little sponge attached to a clothes pin.
I'm so impressed that all he had to do was dab paint and it still came out looking like something.
-AND it was all ready so his attention span wasn't already spent by the time he go all the craft in front of him....isn't it kind of cool???

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