Friday, January 9, 2009

The Naked Cowboy of my friends was just in NY and posted this pic of her and the Naked Singing Cowboy on Facebook.
I was so excited when I saw it, I totally forgotten about the Naked Cowboy. I have my own picture of him and I from my trip to NY somewhere. That would have been at least 6 years ago now...and he still looks good.
According to Wikipedia the Naked Cowboy has actually been a fixture in Times Square since 1998.
I'm pretty sure I read somewhere once that he makes well over 6 figures doing it.
But I still haven't figured out how he manages to not look like he's freezing to death in every ones picture. - I mean this is January and I know my picture was taken at the end of do you stand on a street corner in nothing but your undies in the middle of winter for hours on end?
Well, I love him for doing it...I'll have to see if I can't dig up my pictures of him...when all my boxes finally get here.

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