Monday, January 12, 2009

good hair, more snow, painting fun

I soooo need a haircut- Today was the first day in weeks I actually thought my curls looked good. You should not only have one good hair day in WEEKS!!! EVER
But I think I have to wait until Chris has a day off before I go get it cut, I just can't imagine what Nathan would do in a salon if I was strapped into a chair!

My hair looked good all day until the snow hit tonight, It was that really really wet heavy snow that came down fast and hard...of course it only started coming down at about 5 o'clock...on the night that I HAD to go for groceries. Some days I could just kick myself, I had basically all day to go for a supermarket run but I waited until the snow hit and we were completely out of milk so I had no choice. Brutal. Worse yet was brushing 2 or 3 inches of snow off the van- driving to the store barely able to see out my front window because it kept re icing faster than the heater was working; and then coming out with the groceries (pushing a shopping cart through that much wet snow with a toddler in it isn't fun either by the way) and finding that not only do you have to re sweep the car but actually get out and scrape the windows, because anything that melted on the way over is now frozen to your windshield again.
*its stopped snowing now just in case your wondering.

We also started Nathan's other morning class today.
It was a little hectic around our house this morning since the program begins at 9 on the other side of town. Our schedule hasn't included getting up by 7 and actually being out the door for a deadline like that.
We did manage to get there only a few minutes late.
but to be honest I wasn't that impressed with this class or the teachers. Certainly not in comparison to his Wednesday morning one.
It's held in a pretty small classroom just off the big indoor playground I take him to quite often.
He spent at lot of his time hanging off the door handle wanting to be let out to play in the "Big room with the fun stuff"
We sang 3 or 4 songs and then did a hand painting. That and trying to get all the kids washed in one sink and filling out the contact forms was pretty much all that happened in the hour long class.
Although Nathan did manage to get paint on the kid sitting beside him!
The mother looked thoroughly unimpressed with me and him...and I was kind of like- "well, they handed out paint shirts to the kids maybe yours should be wearing it huh?" I didn't say anything but I felt like it when she scowled at us.
Truth be told I was wearing a pretty nice denim blazer and was a little less than impressed myself to have paint wiped on it...I'll be dressing down for this class from now on.
I'm not really sure how well this class is going to go for Nathan, if they expect him to sing and do crafts the whole time it's not going to go well would be my guess...but we'll give it a shot, maybe he'll learn to sit still and focus on a project like painting. It could happen. Right? right? right?

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