Sunday, January 25, 2009

PETA can...

So I was Reading an article in Reader's Digest today, "Chicken-Lickin' Good". It's just a short little blurb about how PETA is apparently offer 1 million dollars US to "anyone who can bring lab-made meat to the market by 2012."
The theory being working with stem cell technology they should be able to grow meat without an animal...huh???

"As science writer William Saletan wrote on, "instead of growing a chicken embryo into a bird and cutting meat from it, you skip the bird part and grow meat directly from the embryo.""
This all sounds pretty gross to me...
but I thought I'd check out PETA's website to see if there was any more info...
Don't get me wrong I love animals, and think they should be protected from abuse-
But I hate PETA- they always have to go over the top!
If you have time check out some of the insane articles they have on their site, of things they're protesting...
An animal rights group says a vegetarian diet could be just the ticket to keeping obese cons behind bars. People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals has made the suggestion to the warden of Montreal''s notorious Bordeaux jail after the facility gave early release to Michel Lapointe, a 450-pound drug dealer nicknamed "Big Mike." The institution declared it couldn''t accommodate his large frame.
and this one from last summer, I actually remember this all playing out in the media at the time...what a crappy thing to do, especially only a few days after a family had just lost someone in a horrific way.
oh and I did actually find the article I was originally looking for- PETA does indeed have a contest where they are offering to pay a million dollars to anyone who can get in-vitro meat onto the market.

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