Saturday, January 10, 2009

another checkmark on my list of why I hate Walmart

Admittedly I've been a fan of Wal-mart for a student it was about the only way I could afford new clothes, or to feed myself for that matter.

Even in Lethbridge I was thrilled when the opened a "super center" with the grocery store attached, I was on cloud nine. Suddenly I could get fruit & vegetables, meat and bread at Walmart for dollars less than Safeway...
but really that's how they suck you in.
It wasn't very long before Walmart prices were within cents of there competition again. But it seems so many of us are brainwashed to think that Walmart has the lowest price that we just buy the stuff without ever checking. -In fact Walmart only seems to have the lowest price if the competition advertises a low price.

That said...Walmart still beats everyone for the price of diapers.
So I went into to Walmart today since we are nearly running a diaper deficit.
It wasn't long before my cart was half full as usual.
Diapers, a few things from the makeup and pharmacy department, and then a quick dip down the grocery isles- Milk, pudding, dried pineapple etc.

But then I hit a WALL
well it was actually more of a line, but it was so solid, so full of people that it could have been a wall.
There was as usual about 3 checkout open. And they were trying to funnel everyone else to those stupid self help checkout (another evil Walmart ploy to reduce it need of actual employees that they would have to pay)
-But since I got yelled at by some Walmart Nazi before Christmas that your suppose to have LESS THAN 8 Items at the self help tills, I decided to skip waiting in line for those and head to the furthest side of the cashiers.
There was like 10 people in front of me

and that's what makes me so ready to quit shopping at Walmart completely.

I mean if there is a line up 10 or more deep at every till- OPEN ANOTHER TILL!!!!!

Anyways I waited,
Nathan was losing his mind,
He just wanted out of the cart.
He was done with shopping, and he insisted I pick him up.
I did
and we waited
and we waited
and we waited
it was over 10 minutes the line had not moved...
the people who we "paying" when we first got in the back of the line were still standing at the till.

That was IT!!!

I had had it up to here with Walmart and there lack of customer service.

I put Nathan's shoes back on him, collected my purse from the bottom of the cart and WALKED OUT!

Abandoning my half full cart- perishable items and all smack in the middle of the line up.

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