Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Road Trips

One of the biggest things I miss in the winter is going on Road Trips.
-with the weather being to cold and snowy to "explore" places, and it being rather dangerous to venture out on a lot of these back roads in the ice and snow, it's really not the best idea.
but I so miss going out on weekends and finding new and interesting thing.
We are having a little road trip tomorrow...but it's a pretty boring one, and mostly a work related trip (we're going down to Calgary to finally get the last of our things out of a storage locker) so to me it's not really a road trip.
but I was searching through some of my files for last summer and the summer before, and thought I might post some of our long gone adventures...

The nice thing about Lethbridge was we had a man made lake minutes from town- and spent a lot of hot summer afternoons in the lake

We had strange adventures where our destination ended up being the happenin' town of Bow Island- and had our picture taken with the giant Pinto bean in town
In June, Nathan and I took a trip to Medicine hat for the day- and had to explore the giant
tee pee

In May, a late afternoon cruise landed us at Milk River just as it was getting dark- but we still had to get out at the tourist info booth and check out the dinosaur.

And posing with the giant corn stalks in Taber!

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