Friday, January 9, 2009

Go to the Mall and my snow brush gets it!

Man it's been a long day- or combination of days I guess...

I was planning on getting to bed early last night, and instead I spent time watching all those stupid cake shows, and surfing around. Then I had a bath, and didn't make it to bed till about 1:30 so much for getting there early!

Then just to rub salt in the wound, Nathan had other plans for me... At almost exactly 2 am he started crying. He'd peed the bed. I'm not sure exactly how he managed to do that, he still had on his diaper that wasn't all that wet. But there was a definite puddle on his bed. So I turned on the light changed him, flipped the mattress around...etc. and then kissed him goodnight again, and went back to my room. He however was having none of this, he banged on the wall and cried until I gave in and went back to his room.

I sat in the dark in the hallway with him, telling him it was the middle of the night, and too dark to play so we had to go back to bed. He didn't care...he climbed on me in the dark. He played peek...he was not going back to bed.

So I finally decided that maybe he was hungry and took him down stairs for some toast and milk. He was pleased with eating but still not the end it took me until 5 to get him convinced to go back to bed. 3 hours!!!! In the middle of the night- I was not happy! Plus it made it so I'd been up something stupid like 22 hours straight!

So needless to say we didn't make it to the playground today.
But I decided that I needed to do something to wear him out and try to avoid a repeat performance I took him to West ED mall tonight. Between all the sights, and people watching plus I let him get out of the stroller and walk quite a bit as long as he continues to hold my hand, I figured I would be able to wear him out
What I didn't count on was Maggie!
I could kill that dog.
Since Kaylee left she's been having some major behavior issues.
We think it has to do with being a pack animal,
When we took away the rest of her pack, she has adopted us, and now refuses to be left alone.

The last time she was left in the house she literally destroyed it. She ate a door and ripped up the carpet to get out of the room she was in. She ripped open the garbage and dragged it all over the house and she went to the bathroom in almost every room to show us how unimpressed she was. - were not even going to talk about how she destroyed her METAL Kennel a few months before that.
Anyways since this behavior started, it's become easier just to take her with you than come home to her destruction.

So I took her and left her in the van. I tie her leash up so she has only a small area of things to reach since she's such a chewer.

Tonight she chewed through her leash, and found every wrapper and every piece of cardboard, she was in the back of the van, she was up in the front of the van...and she chewed my snow brush to bits!!!
I was pissed!

You know the funny thing is, I think I may be psychic...
When we were in the mall I found leashes and collars on sale for 50% off. They were only a dollar in the first place. Anyways I thought the leashes were higher quality than the one she was apparently wearing (or so I thought) at the moment, Because they had the bigger sturdier looking clasps.

Anyways I bought 2 leashes and a collar for $1.58 - which I thought was an awesome deal...

but as I was walking down the mall, I had this funny thought

"why would the dog need three leashes?"

"did you just jinx yourself, are you buying them because you know she's about to break anther leash?"

*She'd chewed up another leash, less than a month ago when it got left on her by accident while she was running around in the yard by herself*
but seriously- I was having these weird thoughts while walking down the mall about why a dog would need 3 leashes, and if buying them was tempting fate to make her do something bad...and then I walk out to the Van and there she is- with her leash and my snow brush destroyed!!!
My poor Snow Brush~ can you see where all the bristles are missing too?

And my great deal on leashes and a collar that I think may have been the jinx I put on myself, although I still think $1.58 in total is a rockin' deal

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