Tuesday, January 13, 2009

some hope of getting some me time!

I just called Chris at work to remind him that he absolutely has to call his Mom when he gets home in the morning. ***

But Chris had awesome news he's got the next 3 days off FINALLY!!!!

so I may actually be able to find time for a haircut and maybe even something luxurious like a bubble bath with a book.

She's leaving her house mid morning tomorrow to go to Calgary, and they're departing on Wednesday for 3 weeks in Portugal! I told her she has to wear flip flops the whole time just for me in my 9 feet of snow.
Actually we're completely "Grandparent-less" for awhile here, My Dad left this morning for Arizona. A week of golf in the sun and the Barret-Jackson Auction.
and again- here I am with 20 million tons of snow and a cabin fevered toddler!!!!

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~Crystal~ said...

Hey Lady! I've been meaning to stop by. I'm gonna follow you now, so I can check when you post.

I say turn on the heater as high as it will go. Put on some Summer clothes & make a picnic in the floor. Have Summer for supper. :)

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