Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Another of Maggies Hidden Talents

So we've all heard of People who can talk to Animals...the Horse Whisperer or even a Dog Whisperer...
But I think have the opposite, I think My Dog is a Baby Whisperer.

Maggie has this amazing way of getting Nathan to do things for her!

It seems like every time they are alone, they go into the closet and get out the dog food.
or he's feeding her anything he's eating.

and yesterday...
I made wieners and beans for lunch, and after I'd cut up a few hot dogs to throw in, I re wrapped the rest of the hot dogs and put them in the fridge.

A couple hours later... Nathan pulled out the package, and fed all of them to the DOG!!!


Why? does he even know they're in the fridge? Or that Maggie would like them?
Somehow I'm convinced she has some sort of mind control over him, and can make him get her whatever she wants!
At the very least, they have their own language!

"Look Deep into my eyes...you are getting Sleepy..."

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