Saturday, January 17, 2009

I spent way to much money at Michael's today

So for Christmas my generous Mother in Law gave me a gift certificate to Michael's, and she was asking before she'd left on her trip if I'd spent it I figured I better get it done before she gets back...
The only problem is, that Chris took Nathan to the electronics store and left me to my own devices in Michaels for over an hour...Bad News!!!!
I cannot be trusted in Michael's unsupervised!
I ended up spending nearly 3 Times the amount of the certificate! Bad Bad Bad
But I think I got some cool stuff! So that should count for something,
One of the main problems was the stamps were on a 40% off sale...
and I had to get some embossing plates for my new cuttlebug (3) plus a die cutter to try as well- which in my defense was 50% off.
2 canvas for 5 bucks each where they are usually 13 for a 2 pack.
and then I hit the 1.50 bins and pick up some scrape book stuff like ribbons and stickers...

oh, and the paper was 69 cents instead of 99...I made sure to only buy the sale ones though

I have to tell you I'm pretty impressed with the embossing that the cuttlebug can do...not only does it look super cool, it leaves such a great impression in the paper, that I love running my hand over the texture it creates!
Very Cool...even if that wasn't my original intention for the bug, it's "real" purpose is pretty great too!

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