Sunday, January 4, 2009

You can dance to your own beat, and still follow the crowd.

When Grandpa Zoom was here, he took us all out for dinner at Apple bees.

Being a 2 year old waiting for your food is a long experience. Although Nathan did pretty good. He colored and drank all of the creamers for Barbs coffee, and generally sat pretty good for most of the wait.
But eventually he was restless and needed to get up and move a bit.
So we went to the bathroom to wash our hands.

The bathroom is down a hallway which runs along the side of the kitchen. As we walked back from the bathroom, 2 of the waiters came out with a piece of cake clapping and singing. Nathan stopped stunned for a second and stared up at them. I grabbed his shoulder, since about 4 more waiters were coming out and I didn't want him run over. but by the time the rest of the waiters came out clapping and singing. Nathan was pretty sure he had this idea figured out!

He started Clapping- which was pretty funny in itself. Since the waiters were clapping to a beat and Nathan, couldn't clap that fast so he just clapped as fast as he could, and then he'd stop and start again.

But he fell in line behind the line of waiters and danced his little stomp dance all the way up the isle behind them. Dancing and randomly clapping it was hysterical.

In fact he was the hit of the restaurant.
Anyone who could see Nathan, was watching him and pointing his antics out to the rest of their table. Which I have to admit he is cute, and funny when he starts dancing- there is just such joy in his face and his moves- Children truly know how to live in a moment

I guess partly because they really know how to dance like no one's watching!

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