Thursday, January 8, 2009

Cold, more snow...

It was so cold out today I didn't even leave the house...
which is bad, I don't want to fall into a hermit trap.
it is suppose to be going up in temp. tomorrow.
So I'll have to take Nathan to one of the playgrounds at least.
He was even worse today, Cabin Fever mixed with Terrible Two's is not a good combination...

Maggie is busy doing laps around the yard.
She's so funny, she only acts like a puppy when she's by herself and thinks no one is watching.

Other than that not much went on today, and there's nothing on TV either...I think it's crazy that the more channels you have, there's even less to watch?
Although I have found a "new to me" show, Style by Jury- that I really like.
I love the fact that they do their eyes, teeth, skin as well as their wardrobe and usually a self esteem issue. Plus it's the only makeover show I've seen where they try to work with the persons sense of fashion- or style and just update it or usually tone it down...but they don't just tell them that all their clothes suck and they have to throw out everything like the other shows out there.
I mean I've worked really hard this year with all the moving to minimize and get rid of a lot of stuff including anything in my closet that didn't fit, or that I hadn't worn or that was un-mommy-ish (I don't think mom's have to dress in track suits or yoga pants or anything, but in the reverse dressing like a bar star, in too tight, too short, and belly or thong hanging out is just so gross when toting a toddler I think)
But the point is I've worked hard to get rid of stuff but who could ever trash their entire wardrobe in one shot?
Even the shows that give 5 thousand or whatever the amount is like that "what not to wear" imagine replacing everything for 5 thousand? I mean clothes, shoes, coats, everything? and having to shop by their rules? Where they won't even allow you to have anything comfortable like yoga pants, because they don't want you wearing them to the grocery store in them...but what about lazy night on the couch? your suppose to wear skinny jeans and a casual jacket while eating popcorn on the couch?

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