Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Play Class

So we went to our first play class today...
it was a little bit of a whirlwind getting there, our morning was just not very organized. But we got there only 2 minutes late, and we we're the last ones there!!!

It was held in the gym, and had all the push cars, playhouse, jungle gyms that were out last time we were there. The first half an hour or so was just free play time.
there was only 4 moms and boys in total. Although there is apparently 6 kids registered.

Nathan literally did laps...between pushing baby dolls in strollers, running around with a little shopping cart, in and out of the cars and chasing balls.

His teacher Carol, an older grandma type, was quite nice. She talked quite a bit to the mom's (boring the boys during circle time a bit) but has a good attitude about not forcing kids into activities. She pressed not doing your child's craft for them...or forcing them to sit in the circle. She talked so much that most of the boys got up and went back to the toys during the circle time. Nathan, stayed close by...handing toys out of the shopping cart to all the moms. When Carol started singing "The Wheels on the Bus" you should have seen his face!
He whipped his head around, and just lit up with a huge smile.
He started doing his stomp dance right away.
When he realized all the Moms were doing actions, he'd stop and watch for a sec, and then try and imitate them.
If he couldn't quite do the actions he'd just wave his hands and dance in a circle.

He was the only one who paid attention or participated at all in the songs- he was so amusing.

He had Carol in laughing hard. "well, thank-you Nathan, that was quite a performance"

He didn't do as well on the craft, even though he liked playing with the glue sticks and trying to mash them together,

By the end of only an hour, Nathan was so tired out...he wasn't in the van 5 minutes before he fell asleep.
he obviously had a blast!

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